DuPont Pioneer Hosting Field Day

DuPont Pioneer will be hosting field days later this month and early next month in South Carolina demonstrating corn and soybean varieties. Michael Chassreau, territory manager with DuPont Pioneer, in the lower half of South Carolina:

“Registration will start about 4:30 and we will go to the fields around 5. We will break the crowd up into three different groups and let the agronomists talk about the different technologies and what they have been seeing in the field. They can then walk down by the corn where we have about 12 hybrids out there they will learn about where they fit in the right product right acre. We also have a bean plot with about 8 varieties as well.”

This field day will be held in Orangeburg County near the town of Norway on Thursday, July 25th on the CW Backman Farm.

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Chassereau outlines some of the corn varieties they’ll be showcasing on the field tour:

“We have two that we are really excited about for next year. They have looked good the last 2-3 years and they look good now. We still have some of the 2023s and 1730, 1745s and 1319s.”

One of the new corn varieties from Pioneer will be showcased at the tour. Chassereau explains some of the characteristics of this new hybrid:

“The one we are really excited about is the irrigated hybrid 1685, its excellent high yield potential and it looks really good on disease resistance, rain quality and standability. We think this has a fit in the 116 day window vs the 120 day.”

As far as soybeans, Chassereau details some of the bean varieties that will be showcased at the field tour:

“We still have the old 95y70, that bean has come on strong. We will talk about late planting soybeans, and with the exception of this year, most try to plant this bean behind wheat. We will talk about the cold storage to protect the germ on it.”

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