Duke Scientist Wins Nobel for Research into Protein Receptors

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Stanford's Brian Kobilka and Duke University's Robert Lefkowitz for research into protein receptors that allow body cells to respond to outside signals including danger and even the flavor of food. Dr. Lefkowitz…

“I’m thrilled and excited. I am delighted to be sharing the award with a former student of mine whom I admire. That makes this a very nice occasion.”

Trade Deficit a Worrysome Sign

The U.S. trade deficit widened in August as exports fell to the lowest level in six months, a worrisome sign that a slowing global economy is cutting into demand for U.S. goods. The Commerce Department says the deficit increased to $44.2 billion in August, the biggest gap since May and a 4.1 percent increase from July. Exports dropped 1 percent to $181.3 billion. Demand for American-made cars and farm goods declined.

Drought Brings New Thieves Out

Desperate times call for desperate measures – especially in farm country. CBS News Correspondent Stephan Kaufman says folks are now willing to cut corners to stay afloat in this drought and one of those corners happens to be the law.

“In New Mexico’s isolated Guadalupe county, Sheriff Michael Lucero is seeing thieves steal something a bit out of the ordinary: grass.

‘The pasture and rangeland that these ranchers depend on to feed their cattle.’

Lucero says drought conditions are resulting in gates being forced open and fences being cut so cattle can eat the grass they need to survive.

‘Forty acres is considered one cow unit. That is what it takes to feed one cow in this type of environment.’

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