Dry Weather Across the Palmetto State Pushes Harvest into High Gear

South Carolina reported 6.7 days suitable for field work in the latest crop progress report for the week ended october 26th.  Topsoil moisture is rated at  2% very short, 29% short, 67% adequate, and 2% surplus.  Charles Davis with Calhoun County reported excellent field conditions for harvest, as did David Dewitt in Lee County.  Mark Nettles with Orangeburg County said the same, plus, fall irrigated vegetable are progressing well.

Dry Week Speeds up Harvest

In the latest crop progress report for North Carolina through Sunday, october 26th, there were 6.5 days suitable for field work.  Topsoil moisture is rated at 1% very short, 13% short, 79% adequate and 7% surplus.  Steve Gibson, with Catawba County Extension reported that it was a great week for farmers to begin and or resume harvest.  Yields are good for soybeans, even some that suffered from southern blight.  Richard Rhodes with Bertie County Extension reported that dry, sunny weather brightened cotton fiber in the field, hopefully improving grade, Cotton and peanut yields have generally been excellent, and weather conditions have aided growth of clary sage.

Animal Health Looking to Private and University Sector for Research

Zoetis is seeking proposals for well-defined studies that focus on optimizing the immune response of sows and gilts for the control of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv). The studies should provide insights into new methods that can help control PEDv in breeding and farrowing herds.

Zoetis will award a total of $125,000 to a study or studies under its PEDv immune response research grant program. University researchers or practicing veterinarians are invited to submit research proposals for consideration.  Research proposals must be received by Dec. 5, 2014. The research must be conducted in the United States. To receive a copy of the abstract template or to submit questions, email PEDvResearch@zoetis.com. A committee will review the proposals, and an announcement of the successful applications will be made in January.

Consumers Want to Connect to Food Growers

Consumers want to connect with the people who grow their food. Advocates for Agriculture co-founder Stacy Hadrick says farmers and ranchers shouldn’t take for granted that people understand what they do on their farms and ranches. She says this includes your family, friends and neighbors in rural America…


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