Drought Conditions in North Carolina Increase in Latest Drought Monitor

Drought conditions in North Carolina declined in the latest drought monitor. Last week, 45% of the state was drought free, this week only 22%, all in the counties bordering Tennessee and western Virginia. In the abnormally dry category, conditions declined in the Coastal Plain, going from drought free to abnormally dry. The area of the state reporting moderate drought conditions is largely unchanged at a little more than 15%, and the extreme and exceptional drought categories remain at zero.

Virginia Implements Alert System for Small Livestock Farmers

An alert system is being launched in Virginia to ensure noncommercial livestock and poultry owners are kept in the loop when it comes to threats to their animals ranging from disease to acts of terrorism.


The Animal Health Network is the product of a partnership between the Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. State veterinarian, Dr. Richard L. Wilkes says the network enables his office to reach backyard farmers on critical animal disease alerts going on to say it will be especially helpful for people who only keep a few head of livestock, laying hens, goats and horses.

South Carolina Sees Little Change in Latest Drought Monitor

South Carolina’s drought conditions in the latest drought monitor saw little change in the minor categories, but in the moderate drought category the percentage of the state involved increased from 79 to 89% and the severe category increased from 40 to 58% but the extreme category remained virtually unchanged at 13%. Only Oconee, Pickens, and the northwestern end of Greenville counties remain drought free.

CBO Predicts Record Corn Crop in 2013

The Congressional Budget Office is projecting U.S. farmers will plant a lot of corn and soybeans this year. In fact – the CBO expects corn growers will produce a record corn crop of 14.454-billion bushels on 97-million acres. They expect the nation’s soybean growers will plant 77-million acres and produce the third-largest crop on record at 3.306-billion bushels. Both production estimates assume a return to normal weather and higher yields despite the lingering effects of the 2012 drought. The CBO expects cotton plantings to drop to a four-year low and wheat plantings to drop slightly from 2012.

Open Outcry Trading officially coming to a Close in KC This Summer

And finally, the end of an era is near… after more than 150 years at the Kansas City Board of Trade – open outcry trading of hard red winter wheat contracts will move to Chicago. The last day of open outcry trading for KCBT will be June 28th – with the process transitioning to the CME Group trading floor on July 1st.


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