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Dicamba Premix Available in 2021

Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide is the first dicamba herbicide premix. In October, the Environmental Protection Agency extended the registration for Tavium for use this season and beyond. Randy Kool is an agronomy service representative with Syngenta. He talks about the benefits that Tavium offers cotton and soybean growers compared to using a solo dicamba product.

“Tavium is a combination of Dicamba and S-Metolachlor, so it offers two effective sites of action in a convenient premix, which is very handy for growers. Having those two effective sites of action and makes Tavium important for managing the weed resistance out there. Unlike Dicamba alone, Tavium provides contact and long-lasting residual, so it controls weeds you can see and helps protect against weeds that aren’t emerged yet. University trials have shown that Tavium provides an increase of two bushels an acre compared to Dicamba alone. That’s because Tavium controls the tough and resistant weeds soybean and cotton growers are concerned about, like Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth.”

Kool talks about the advantages of having two effective sites of action in Tavium.

“History has shown that weeds are more likely to develop resistance with herbicides containing one active ingredient or site of action. We’ve all seen what happened to glyphosate with the resistance that’s grown with it. So, with the S-Metolachlor in Tavium, it takes a lot of pressure off that Dicamba, and it helps the growers protect that technology that we need and that’s so important right now. The combination of S-Metolachlor and Dicamba is what’s driving that residual in Tavium, and growers are going to see up to three weeks extra residual with that S-Metolachlor in the dicamba combination in Tavium, than they get from Dicamba alone.”

Staying ahead of tough-to-control weeds calls for powerful herbicides. Dr. Charlie Cahoon, extension weed specialist at North Carolina State University, discusses the importance of using products with multiple effective sites of action in the battle against weeds.

“It’s paramount to apply multiple effective modes of action. Key word ‘effective’ there. Meaning two modes of action that both work against the same weed. If you applied two modes of action, one of them doesn’t work, that really doesn’t put you in a better situation from a resistance standpoint. Really, weed resistance is a numbers game.”

Don’t let time run out on your herbicide management plan, visit or speak to your Syngenta retailer to learn more. And remember to always read and follow label instructions. Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology is a Restricted Use Pesticide. VaporGrip is used under license from Monsanto Technology, LLC.