Dean Johnny Wynn Retiring after more than 50 Years at NC State

The Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will conclude his career at NC State University after a more than 50 year association with NC State at the end of June. Dean Wynn says there have been many changes since 1961:

Wynn:   I’ll be retiring on June the 30th, and I actually have been at NC State since 1961, I started as a student and I never left.

SFN:  Oh, my stars, now are you a native of North Carolina?

Wynn: Came from Martin County, a little community called Beargrass.

SFN: Let’s talk a little bit about some of the changes that you’ve seen at State over the last almost 51 years.

Wynn: The changes are dramatic, it came from a small, almost all male school, to one where it’s almost 50/50 male-female, and the size is just so much larger.

SFN: The Department of Agriculture had to have seen some phenomenal changes in those years because agricultural production has changed so much.

Wynn:  We’ve diversified agriculture in the state, things are certainly much different than they were. But, we are now working in a global market place, which is quite different than it was many years ago.

SFN:   Absolutely. And of course, the production end of agriculture has changed a lot.

Wynn:   Well, we reduced the amount of labor and are using high technology, but the inputs are very high but the outcome is also very good.

SFN:  And then we trust that State have kept up with those changes.

Wynn:   We have in North Carolina, we have the Farm Bureau, the Department of Agriculture, University and others working together to make sure that we’re in the forefront of agriculture.

SFN:  Will you share with us how you intend to spend your time?

Wynn:  My wife’s concerned that I’ll be home 24/7.

SFN:  That’s probably a valid concern. Well, we wish you all the best. Will you be staying in the Raleigh area?

Wynn:  Yes, I have two kids in college, so I’ll be here for a while.

SFN:  Great. And we do wish you al the best as well.

Wynn:  Thank you.

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