Corn Planters Remain Parked Waiting on the Weather

Corn planters, which were running full steam this time last year, continue to sit at the edge of the field waiting on the weather. NC State Extension Corn Specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger says it really is a waiting game at this point:

“This weather pattern has been a continuing rain spell so it’s a bit frustrating. A lot of growers wanted to get in early but we will have to wait and let it dry up. We still need a little warmer soil temperature yet."

Shawna Coakly with the National Weather Service says this cool, wet weather pattern is in the forecast for the foreseeable future:

"The east coast in general has been under a trough, which leads to cooler and generally damper conditions, it will likely stay that way for the next week or so.”

But, at this point there’s no danger of planting corn late according to Heiniger:

“I’m not yet concerned about that, though I would like to get this crop in early this year. And I am concerned we will miss that, but I think we can get a good percentage of acres in by April 15th.”

While Heiniger has preached early planting for the past couple of years for corn, it’s just not going to work out that way this year:

“I don’t want to put corn in the ground when its just too cold, a good start is worth taking another day or two, even though we would like to get planted.”

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