Corn Harvest Complete, Small Grains Going in at a Rapid Clip

Corn harvest in the Carolinas got off to the same rough start as the crop did in the spring.  NC State Extension corn specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger:

“The data shows that we had a good crop. The coastal plain hasn’t seen yields this good in a while. Over all it will be a good crop, but probably not a record. Despite the lower prices many made money with their corn crop.”

The Coastal Plain historically has some of the biggest yields in the state, and Heiniger says this year is no exception:

“We have some very good entires in our yield contest from the Coastal Plain. Growers are reporting 200-300 bushels in lot of places that usually don’t see those numbers.”

On an interim basis, Heiniger is also overseeing the state’s small grain production, and he said the wonderful October weather changed some minds about growing winter wheat:

“There have been growers who are worried about small grains this season. But this weather has changed some minds and they are putting in a lot of small grain.”

Last time we talked, Heiniger predicted an end-of-year bounce in winter wheat futures, and while not that close to the end of the year, that’s what’s happened the last two weeks or so:

“I think we are getting a rally a little early and that is giving hope to growers. It will encourage them to think of a good marking plan right now.”

NC State Extension corn specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger.'

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