Corn Acres in 2015 will Likely go to Soybeans

Last week we heard from NC State Extension Grain Specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger about the corn market, and the effect lower prices will have on 2015 acres.  Heiniger feels North Carolina will lose as many as 100,000 corn acres this year, but where will they go:

“Most of them will go to soybeans. Look at the price right now and they have lower input costs. It’s risk against potential profit. The issue with corn is there are high input costs and a lot of risk. There is a lot to worry about.

With a 39 bushel crop of soybeans at today’s prices, you can make $60-$100 return per acre.

I don’t want the growers to make a hasty decision. There are still risks with soybeans. The market could go down. There is nematode pressure and deer pressure also. The corn crop does have some good attributes.”

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