Conaway: No More, No Less for 2018 Farm Bill

House Ag Committee Chairman Mike Conaway discussed at length the upcoming farm bill process recently at the 2017 Commodity Classic General Session:


3-3 Conaway 7            :32                …”scheduled.”


As far as a budget for the ’18 farm bill, Conaway says they’re asking for no more, and no less:


3-3  Conaway 8        :29            …”to tell.”


And for the nay-sayers that think a farm bill isn’t necessary, Conaway had this;


3-3 Conaway 5            :10            …”every day.”


Because, they don’t know what they have explains Conaway:


3-3 Conaway 6            :19            …”done.”


We’ll wrap up House Ag Chair Mike Conaway’s address to the General Session of the 2017 Commodity Classic tomorrow on Today’s Topic.  For more coverage from the Commodity Classic, visit SFNToday dot com.'

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