Conaway Hopeful House Will Consider Farm Bill in May

House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway is hopeful the U.S. House will consider the 2018 farm bill next month, but told reporters the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act will be taking up time on the floor in coming weeks.

The farm bill faces a partisan divide as no Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee voted in favor of the legislation earlier this week. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the bill does not include enough support for agricultural producers, and that the nutrition title proposals would waste tax payer money and increase hunger and poverty.

In the Senate, Ranking Agriculture Committee Democrat Debbie Stabenow said the House version of the bill is “impossible to pass.” She alleges that House Agriculture Committee leadership has “abandoned” the broad, partisan coalition that passed the 2014 Farm Bill. Stabenow added she “remains committed” to working Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts to write a bipartisan bill that focuses on “farmers, families, and rural communities.”