Cold Temps & Precip Good for Winter Wheat

About a week ago temperatures plunged, and have yet to get back to where they had been being all fall. NC State Extension small grain specialist Dr. Randy Weisz says this week-long cold snap, with winter precipitation thrown in is actually beneficial to the wheat crop:

“It will slow things down, but that is fine for this time of year. Being the end of January, you like things to slow down and be winter for a bit longer.”

Weisz recommends when the weather warms up to fertilize late-planted crops:

“The wheat isn’t so far ahead that the cold weather will damage anything, we are in good shape. When it warms up, timing should be right to get an early split of nitrogen.”

The same conditions last winter created some tall, wooly winter wheat that in some cases had to be mowed to slow it down.

Response to Ag Census Overwhelming those Tasked to Help

Chris Messer, is Chief of the Planning Branch for the USDA Agricultural Census, says answers to some questions about the census can be found, along with a lot of other information, on a special website:

“We have a site specifically dedicated the Census of Agriculture for 2012,  . We have some frequently asked questions there, up to date information on whats happening. If you have questions on the form or others, please check the site.”

General Mills Takes Stand on Sow Housing, Antibiotics

One of the largest food companies in the world has now announced support for the development of pregnant sow housing alternatives. General Mills says it will favor pork suppliers that provide actionable plans by 2017 to create traceability and end their use of gestation crates within the U.S. pork supply chain. The company says it cares about animal welfare and supports the humane treatment of animals in agriculture. General Mills added that it agrees with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that judicious use of medically important antibiotic drugs can help preserve the effectiveness of the drugs as therapies for humans and animals. For that reason – the company does not support routine use of antibiotic drugs to promote growth in livestock – and believes such drugs should be used only as necessary and appropriate to maintain the health of animals.

Annual Cotton Meeting Coming Up

At the Annual SC Cotton meeting coming up on Tuesday in Orangeburg, Dr. Michael Jones, State Cotton Specialist with Clemson, will be presenting two programs:

“I will be giving a year end review for cotton in SC as well as a presentation on variety selection and how the newer varieties are performing.”

The program also will have a report from the Southern Cotton Growers Association and presentations on bale contamination, weed control options and other topics as well. Gary Adams, Vice President of Economics and Policy Analysis for the National Cotton Council will give a 2013 industry outlook. Registration is from 8:15 to 9am at Orangeburg Mall Circle. The meeting is scheduled to adjourn around 3:30.

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