Clemson Launches Bee Care Program

Clemson Launches Bee Care Program
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Clemson University has launched a new program to help bee keepers and pesticide applicators care for the state’s pollinator population.  Dr. Steve Cole, Director of Clemson University’s Division of Regulatory and Public Service Programs explains:

“We wanted to take some steps to mitigate the problem of pesticides becoming impactful in a negative way on hive populations. One way to do that is to try to facilitate communication between pesticide applicators and the folks who are operating hives so that everyone knows more about what is going on with the other side. From this we developed a bee mapping tool.”

Cole outlines how the program works:

“It’s designed to help bee keepers identify on a google map where their hives are located and the applicators can have access to this map and locate and notify the bee keepers when they will be making applications and where. The keeper will then have time to relocate or close off their hives. There can be a dialogue with both sides so they both have an understanding.”

Bee keepers that are interested in registering with the site can be hobbyist or commercial keepers says Cole:

“It’s for anyone who  wants to participate and give applicators the opportunity to not get a blackout and in many cases they may be keepers or environmentalists as well, and do care about what they are doing. But if they don’t know the hives are nearby then they cant take steps to prevent some of these exposures that can be harmful the hives.”

Right now, the site is taking bee keepers, and for those interested in being a part of the program, Cole says a simple email will get things started:

“Just send us an email and let us know that they would like to participate. WE will send them a password and they can enter their information and they become part of the program. They can change their information or locations at any time or drop out of the program if they decide they don’t want to participate. They can give us as much information as they want.”

And that email address:

“The email is We can also answer questions if they would like to participate.”

Or for more info click here.

Director of Clemson University’s Division of Regulatory and Public Service Programs, Steve Cole.'

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