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The Check is in the Mail….the Whole Check

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen announced yesterday that her office received word that the upcoming and final Tobacco Transition Program Payment will not be subject to government sequester cuts as previously reported by the Office of Management and Budget. NC Farm Bureau worked with Hagen to reverse that decision. President of North Carolina Farm Bureau Larry Wooten:

“We are delighted that Senator Hagan really went to the wall, as well as other members of our delegation and certainly in a bipartisan way. But Senator Hagan could lead the administration to make sure that this misguided effort to sequester the tobacco payment does not happen. It will cause unnecessary hardship on many North Carolinians – farmers as well as financial institutions who have securitized those tobacco payments for the farmers.”
USDA Requesting Info About On-Farm Irrigation Practices

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is conducting the national Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey. Farmers, ranchers and horticulture producers across the country will receive a survey in the mail that asks for information about their water use and irrigation practices. Responses are due by February 10th. NASS Census Planning Branch Chief Chris Messer sats this survey will gauge the stewardship of water by farmers and ranchers and identify opportunities for new technologies.

SC Agribiz & Farm Expo Just Days Away

We’re just days away from the 2nd Annual South Carolina Agribiz & Farm Expo at the Civic Center in Florence. One of the highlights of this year’s show will be Chip Blalock, Executive Director of the Sunbelt Ag Expo sharing his wisdom and knowledge on the ‘innovations and collaborations’ in agriculture. There will also be indoor and outdoor ag exhibitors as well as several workshops and other special events throughout the two-day show.

For more info on the South Carolina Agribiz & Farm Expo visit

House of Raeford’s Holiday Giving

House of Raeford Farms Inc., with corporate offices in Rose Hill, N.C., and their employees provided assistance to thousands of individuals and families in the communities where the company operates during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

Through House of Raeford Farms F.L.O.C.K., the company’s non-profit outreach arm, over 83,000 pounds of turkey and chicken were donated to North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana employees, food banks, feeding programs, and a wide variety of local organizations whose mission is to provide food and other support to those in need.'

A native of the Texas Panhandle, Rhonda was born and raised on a cotton farm where she saw cotton farming evolve from ditch irrigation to center pivot irrigation and harvest trailers to modules. After graduating from Texas Tech University, she got her start in radio with KGNC News Talk 710 in Amarillo, Texas.