Carolinas in Holding Pattern to Plant Corn

We were planting corn in the Carolinas this time last year, but this year the weather just won’t cooperate, so it’s a waiting game now. Kevin Phillips Field Agronomist with DuPont Pioneer for the southeast region:

“We would like to see some warmer temperatures before we start planting. The soil moisture is good as we’ve had plenty of rain. We just need the warmer temps and maybe a little bit of drying to get out into the field.”

As far as seed selection for corn, Phillips says it’s been a challenge…

“Seed selection has been tight. A lot of farmers double booked and we’ve had a lot of moving around seed. But now that retailers are starting to sort through their orders, there is some seed starting to pop back up so we are trying to get everyone covered with some type of seed. Its been a challenge but we are working through it.”

Phillips says that interest in grain sorghum in South Carolina is picking up:

“Grain sorghum being a more drought tolerant crop that corn is, so sorghum is offering an opportunity on some tough ground to make some good yields. Sorghum is a good alternative where corn doesn’t sit as well.”

Seed selection for grain sorghum is really tight this year says Phillips:

“Seed selection on sorghum is tight also, its probably not as plentiful as corn seed is. It would be a good idea to get your seed locked down. There are not as many hybrids to choose from, 83-P17, 83-G66 and 84-P80 are our most popular.

But, Phillips says right now it’s just a waiting game:

“We need to monitor the weather and once the soil temperatures hit 55 degrees, we can probably get the planters going.”

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