Carolina Peanut & Soybean Growers Sitting on Good Crops

As good as the corn crop has been in the Carolinas this year, the soybean and peanut crops are shaping up just as well. NC State Extension soybean specialist Dr. Jim Dunphy:

“In general, the soybean crop, at least east of Raleigh, looks good. Our farmers are still crossing their fingers, not counting anything until the beans are in the bin. But for many of the soybean acres, it’s a good looking crop.”

Some of the early planted varieties are just about ready to harvest, according to Dunphy:

“Our growers will start on the early planted varieties. I do know of one grower that has harvested already. The others are getting ready to get started.”

And compared to this year’s corn crop?:

“The soybean crop will be every bit as good.”

If the corn and soybean growers are excited as to the prospects of this year’s crop, they may have to get in line behind peanut producers. CEO of NC Peanut Growers Association Bob Sutter says after a couple of cool nights earlier in the week, producers are digging:

“The cool mornings we’ve had have slowed the plant down. Most of the peanuts in NC were close to ready to be dug, and many producers are going to take advantage of this good weather that we are having to get as many peanuts dug and on top of the ground as possible. Its shaping up to be a good harvest season.”

And the dry weather of late is a blessing, according to Sutter:

“Mother Nature’s drying bill is zero compared to other ways of trying to take moisture out. Every day they are on top of the ground and the sun is drying them is money in the producers pocket, instead of having to dry them in the wagon.”

And like most producers of any crop in the Carolinas this year, Sutter says this could be a good one:

“We are looking for a good quality crop this year. We have a good crop in the ground and we just need to get it out. The hull color should remain good if it doesn’t get rained on too much.”

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