Carolina Cotton Benefits from Warrant

Recently at the 2012 Cotton Field Day Monsanto’s Warrant herbicide was a topic of conversation. Tyler Hackstag, Selective Chemistry Marketing Lead for Monsanto talks about some of the history of the product:

“We launched Warrant in 2010 on a limited basis and then had a full scale launch in 2011. If you think back to why we brought out Warrant, its encapsulated technology, which has always been good on small seeded grasses and broad leaf weeds. Specifically on palmer pigweed. So when we launched that product we felt like we had a pretty good tool for growers from a residual stand point to fight some of the palmer issues we are having in the south.

In 2010 we only had a post emerge application so it was a little limited on how it could be used. Over the last three years we have done a lot of research trials looking at Warrant being applied pre-emerge. Thus far we have gotten excellent data back in from that research. Crop safety looks really good as does weed control. We are now at a point where we will launch a pre-emerge label for Warrant for 2013. We feel that will be a nice tool for growers and retailers to give them more application flexibility.”

Dr. Alan York did a small trial on Warrant as a pre and post emergent herbicide this year at the Upper Coastal Plain Research Station and had this conclusion:

"It looks like Warrant is relatively safe on cotton pre-emergence.”

York and his team did see an advantage to using Warrant:

“We could replace one of the PPOs with Warrant and get away from some of the injury from Warrant post but still get that extended residual control.”

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