Carolina Corn Experiencing Early Struggles

As much of a struggle it’s been to get winter wheat to the finish line, corn is having problems getting started. NC State Extension Corn Specialist Ron Heiniger:

“It looks pretty poor for all the conditions we are trying to grow it in. When evening temperatures are in the 40s, that corn plant isn’t growing. And when it warms up and tries to start growing there are no nutrients and it shows all kinds of symptoms.”

When it comes to doing something about yellow plants or an uneven stand, Heiniger has this advice:

“In most cases it will grow out. Just wait a few days and see how it comes with the warmer weather. I think its good to just wait it out.”

Heiniger says he’s heard some chatter about possibly replanting, but says in most cases it hasn’t come to that:

“Some growers are concerned about replant. I don’t think there has been a lot of that done so far but it is a hot topic, especially in conditions where they have some severe standing and unevenness.”

As far as corn planting being complete, Heiniger says it’s very close:

“There is just a little left, we are in the 95-100% of what corn will get planted. Its very close to complete.”

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