Carolina Corn Crop Looking to Exceed Previous State Average

The corn crop in the Carolinas got off to a shaky start and many fields had to be replanted due to excessive rains. But, for the most part the crop looks to have shook off its early beginnings, and now some really big numbers are being reported as harvest continues. NC State Extension Corn Specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger:

“The southern coastal plain, and really all up and down on the sandier soils, they are just outstanding yields. I have heard some dry land yields that went over 300 bushels. We are definitely having a big crop. The biggest complaint I have heard is from the wet natured soils where some of the corn still yielded up in the 200s, but they wanted to be a little higher.”

In fact, the so-called ‘droughty’ soils that generally aren’t well suited to corn have done well this year, and Heiniger says this year’s North Carolina state-wide average could rival numbers out of the Midwest:

"I have been predicting that we would have a yield that topped the state record average yield of 132 and I still think we are on track for that. I think given the reports we are hearing, we will be in the upper 140s, and we may challenge some of the state wide yields from the Midwest.”

And what’s the most amazing of all says Heiniger is that some of these big yields are coming from fields that didn’t have the greatest start:

“I do know that the start probably did hurt them a little, so I don’t know what we could have gotten if we had a better May. Even where the corn got off to a slow start, showed some of that sulfur or magnesium deficiencies, it has recovered and is doing really well. It shows we cant give up on it in the early stages.”

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