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Bond Package on March Ballot Will Have Direct Benefits to Ag


The political season is already on a roll, and in March there will be a bond issue on the primary ballot in North Carolina.  Larry Wooten, President and CEO of the North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation explains who the beneficiaries would be if the bond issue were to pass:


“Fund a wide variety of areas, from the National Guard to the state parks to the State Zoo, to utilities, water and sewer projects across the state.  Certainly the Universities and Community Colleges will be beneficiaries of this bond issue.  And agriculture, about $179 million in bonds will benefit the Plant Sciences Initiative at North Carolina State, as well as new laboratories and updates to laboratories at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.”

The Plant Sciences Initiative is important to push the ag sector forward says Wooten:


“We have not had a new facility of this type built on the campus of NC State, one of our land grant universities, since the late ‘40’s or early ‘50’s, and it’s time, and certainly, if we’re going to move this industry forward we need this Plant Sciences facility to be built.”

And Wooten explains that the economic climate is perfect for a bond issue:


“It couldn’t be a better time to run a bond issue for the State of North Carolina, knowing our state is worth it, the conditions, the interest rates are as good as they’re ever going to be.  We applaud the governor and the legislature for saying that if we’re going to make these needed investments in the future of the state of North Carolina, now is a good time to sell those bonds.”

And while the March primary ballot will be crowded with other races, Wooten says this bond package is as important as anything else on the ballot:


“Primary day, March 15th of 2016…in addition to all the primaries, this bond issue, as always the bond issues are usually at the bottom of the ballot, but certainly being at the bottom of the ballot does not decrease the importance of this issue for North Carolina and our future.”

Wooten says the bond package will be a major topic of discussion at the NCFB annual convention coming up December 6th through 8th in Greensboro:


“Farm Bureau members from all across North Carolina, about 1000 in attendance to say ‘hey we need you to get out and support this bond issue’.  Talk it up with your friends and neighbors and families and say ‘go vote, and go vote ‘yes’’ for the bonds on March the 15th, 2016.”

Larry Wooten, President & CEO of the North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation.'

A native of the Texas Panhandle, Rhonda was born and raised on a cotton farm where she saw cotton farming evolve from ditch irrigation to center pivot irrigation and harvest trailers to modules. After graduating from Texas Tech University, she got her start in radio with KGNC News Talk 710 in Amarillo, Texas.