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Bayer CropScience Liberty Link System offers Weed Control Solutions for NC Farmer

Rob Fleming, of Fleming Brothers Farms, near Scotland Neck, NC like many producers has been dealing with a resistant weed problem on his farm:

“The two main species that we are seeing are pig weed and mares tail. We have been practicing a RoundUP ready system for a long time and a few years ago we got proactive and started using residual herbicides.”

Fleming explains that the LibertyLink System from Bayer has helped with weed management on his farm:

“LibertyLink has plugged a lot of holes for us. In Round Up Ready systems where we are finding that timing is essential, Liberty has a tendency to take a lot of your mares tail and your smaller pig weeds where timing is not as crucial.”

Fleming says they’ve incorporated the LibertyLink system into their farm, but are working to preserve the technology:

“We have several different cotton varieties that are LibertyLink including Stoneville 4145 and Fibermax 1944. We have tried to jump ahead of the game and are working on protection more than anything. The LibertyLink system works and it works well. We have seen what has happened to the Round UP Ready system and we are continuing to use the residual herbicides with the LibertyLink system as well as what we were doing with the Round Up system.”

In his area of Halifax County, Fleming says that all the growers work at weed control, not only for themselves, but also for their neighbors:

“It’s a great area. They are very proactive as far as weed control. When you leave Halifax county it gets really bad, there are a lot of weeds out there. Here you see a lot fewer because we have done a good job of managing them.”

As far as performance of LibertyLink cotton varieties, Fleming explains they do well:

“For my heavy infested area, LibertyLink is what is grown. They do quite well. I am trying to monitor what varieties do well with the LibertyLink system and the more that they bring to the table with varieties and yield and quality of the cotton lint. They are bringing them as fast as they can and they are performing very well.”

But the system has to be respected, Fleming says:

“Make sure that you use the residual herbicides with that as well. It makes it expensive but its worth it in the long run.”

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