Apply Now for Farm Dog of the Year Contest

Apply Now for Farm Dog of the Year Contest

Time is running out to apply for the Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year contest. Florida farmer Cindy Deak and her farm dog Fit won the 2022 contest. Deak says it’s an exciting competition.

“First of all, it’s quite a privilege and an honor to be in the Farm Dog of the Year contest and to be selected as the winner. I really enjoy seeing all the dogs that compete in the contest and that were runner ups for Fit. It’s quite the privilege to be considered qualified to even compete in such a contest and to show off Fit’s skill set that she has.” 

Deak says the contest showcases the work farm dogs provide.

“I don’t think Fit really knows much that she won something, although she did enjoy going up on stage and claiming her award, but she did get a few treats. But to us, it makes us really proud to showcase her and her qualities that she brings to our hobby farm that allows us to make our life easier on the farm, and what I think is the best part of it all is showcasing how dogs can help humans on a day-to-day basis and just about anything.” 

The grand prize winner of the Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year will win a year’s worth of Purina Pro-Plan dog food and $5,000 in prize money and will be recognized at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention in January 2023. Deak says it’s important recognize the value of farm dogs.

“It is important because the farm dog is an invaluable tool in a farming operation. They make your job easier, they make your job safer, they’re outstanding with livestock. So, it’s important to showcase how they bring so much help to the farm and to the farmer, and people should enter the contest so that they can show off how great and talented their dogs are also.” 

The application deadline is July 15. Find eligibility guidelines and apply online at