Another Avian Flu Outbreak in Tennessee

More bad news for Tennessee chicken farmers. Jim Krasula reports…

President Donald Trump had tapped a conservative doctor with ties to the pharmaceutical industry to head the Food and Drug Administration. Jackie Quinn has details…

The fight over Obama-era rules to reform the buying and selling of livestock and poultry is continuing in Congress.

The Obama USDA saw the package of rules as restoring fairness to small producers by ending discriminatory practices and improving competition.  A lapse in a legislative USDA funding ban on the rules allowed rulemaking to proceed.

But now, lawmakers from key livestock and poultry states want

Congressional appropriators to restore the ban.

Representative David Rouzer of North Carolina chairs the House Ag Livestock subcommittee…tape

Cut #1               :16        OC:…”for our producers.”         

The National Pork Producers Council and other industry groups are urging lawmakers to work with the Trump Administration to rescind the pending Obama-era rules.'

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