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An Open Mind will Help when Booking Seed for 2013 Corn Crop

Pencils and calculators are hard at work on the farm these days, allocating acres and making seed selections. George Stabler, field agronomist with Dupont Pioneer has a few suggestions:

“Farmers need to be trying to decide what they are going to do. Commodity prices still look good on a lot of the grains, and peanuts and cotton have a question mark on them as far as acres for next year. But for grain and corn acres farmers need to start figuring out what they are going to do because we are anticipating a fairly good increase in corn acres and farmers should make plans to lock down some seed. Make decisions, pick the right product for the right acre.”

Stabler advises that farmers utilize the expertise of their territory managers and seed dealers:

“Don’t go out and buy something because that is what you have always planted, there are a lot of good hybrids out there from Pioneer and you need to find the right product for the right acre. Talk to your local territory manager or dealer.”

One of the lingering effects of the Midwestern drought is going to be seed supplies, especially for corn. Stabler says when booking seed for 2013 keep an open mind when selecting hybrids:

“Seed will be tight come spring. We will have enough seed to plant the acres, but you may not get your first choice. So its good to make plans. We are set up to have a good corn season, but farmers need to make their decisions and contact their dealers.”

While planning acreage and selecting seed, Stabler suggests working on a pest management plan as well:

“Whether you are on a roundup based program or another, rotation is always an aspect. We are seeing a lot of different chemistries out there like LibertyLink, Roundup Ready, all the technologies are really good, but everyone needs to plan out what they are doing from a rotation perspective. Put a good program together with your local retailer. There are a lot of pre-emergence going out early in the spring.”

All in all, 2013 is already shaping up to be a good year says Stabler:

“2013 is setting up to be a good year. If commodity prices stay decent and we just need to make sure we all plan ahead.”

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