Alltech ONE Conference Returns In-Person

The Alltech ONE Conference returns to Lexington, Kentucky this month as an in-person event. May 22-24, the international-focused gathering features more than 70 presentations on agricultural topics and other issues. For the first time, Alltech President and CEO Mark Lyons says you can attend in-person, or virtually.

“This is going to be exciting because it’s the first time we’ve essentially run to events. So, we had such success with a virtual conference the last couple of years that we decided to continue that. The big success to me was the fact that we reached over 100 countries, we reached an audience that hadn’t been part of the ONE before. And we said at the same time, we need to get people back together. The conference has, I would say year-on-year improved in terms of the speakers across all the tracks. We’ve also added some other sessions, so I think there really is something in it for everybody. We have 12 tracks in total, two thirds of those are dedicated to agriculture and agricultural species tracks or crop science. And then four of the tracks are a little bit broader and then our general business track as well.” 

Alltech launched Planet of Plenty at the event three years ago, an initiative that’s grown in purpose and scope.

“That’s going to be a big topic, I think, coming into so many of the talks. Now, this is really what’s driving our business forward. That’s going to be a major theme and thinking beyond sustainability, really thinking about how we can have a positive impact on our planet. And in a way I’ll be speaking to the point a little bit that sustainability or just being less bad, or maybe status quo, that isn’t really what we need to be thinking about today, we need to be progressing, and I think that’s quite exciting to people, Because when you talk to producers, farmers, ranchers, you hear a lot of people who are saying this is just more regulation. No, this is new business models, this is energy production, this is potentially carbon capture and getting paid for it. There’s lots of things in there that I think will be interesting throughout the conference.” 

Lyons says the virtual component, a separate event itself, was important to keep as the event reaches even further across the globe.

“We really felt that getting to that additional number of people, getting to people who maybe have traveled challenges, and then even I think our own teams, getting our teams to be able to access this information, we have people around the world that are organizing events around this time, but in local markets, I think that’s going to be really exciting way to kind of say, look, the ONE has gone global, not just in terms of who shows up in Kentucky, but also who is watching in other parts of the world. This was something that we’d always thought about, how could we have streaming, how could we have some way to have people that connect to the conference when it was going on. And so, the pandemic afforded us really no other opportunity other than going this direction, and once we’ve done it, we want to continue that forward.” 

Lyons adds he’s proud of the event and hopes you’ll be able to join.

“We’re obviously biased, but I really think that if there’s one conference that people should go to this year it’s this one. The congregation of people, the international nature and the high level of speakers we have all the way through, it’s really going to be a powerful conference and it’s fun to talk about it now because  the excitement starts to build for me as well.”