Ag Groups File Formal Objection to EPA Chlorpyrifos Rule

This week, more than 80 agricultural groups filed formal objections to the Environmental Protection Agency’s August 30 rule to revoke all tolerances of chlorpyrifos.

In the coalition letter, the agriculture sector cited numerous concerns with EPA’s revocation decision, including the processes EPA used and lack of scientific basis. EPA’s scientific record on chlorpyrifos shows many safe uses of the chemistry do not pose a dietary or environmental risk. Regardless, the coalition charges, the agency is opting to revoke tolerances for these safe, low-risk uses. 

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall called the EPA action shortsighted, saying, “Taking care of the land and our natural resources is a top priority for farmers, and this revocation rule actually makes it harder for us to do that.”

EPA’s rule revokes tolerances on crop uses where many growers have few or no alternatives.