A Review of the Pork Industry – 2012

The image of the pork industry is a Pork Checkoff priority. National Pork Board CEO Chris Novak says that was particularly important this past year…

“Part of that is a result of animal activists organizations that have pressured food companies to make decisions. For many of these food companies, they don’t think about or acknowledge pork producers on a regular basis. We supply their customers, but in terms of having food companies that truly understand modern pork production, we have seen this year, a very large gap in their information and their understanding about the industry.”

Novak says the image of the pork industry was impacted as consumers have heard stories about sow housing in the past year…

“That is a part of the image challenge that our industry is facing. Its one of the reasons that we know in 2013 we will be reaching out to more customers, more consumers to talk about why we do the things that we do on the farm today. How we have improved not only the welfare of our animals but also the environmental sustainability of our operations. We know the things that we have done to improve the way we care for our animals, our messages that are important for customers in the food chain as well as to consumers and we are going to do even more to tell that story in 2013.”

CEO of the National Pork Board, Chris Novak.

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