A Review of 2012 for the Pork Industry

From an expense standpoint – 2012 has been a challenging year for pork producers. That’s been the focal point for the Pork Checkoff in the past year. National Pork Board CEO Chris Novak says the Pork Checkoff says progress is being made…

"In some ways. There is better news as we are going into late summer and early fall we had one economist who was talking about the tsunami of red ink that was going to wash over pork producers. And since that time, we’ve seen some strengthening in the market, grain prices had stabilized just a little, those two things combined have at least helped mitigate some of the losses.”

As the Pork industry moves into the New Year – Novak says there’s reason for optimism…

“As we look ahead into 2013, we are going to finish this year with another year of record exports. We are seeing some real strength particularly as we are coming through late fall in the domestic market, pork sales are up in Sept and Oct. We think we will finish the year with very strong sales number. Consumers are seeing the value of pork in the grocery stores. Those things will help us in 2013 and help to speed the recovery for the industry.”

Chris Novak, CEO of the National Pork Board

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