A Healthy Environment is Key to Optimal Crop Development

Pest and disease prevention in your corn crop begins at the start of the growing season. Lynn Justesen is Technical Services Lead at UPL. In order to get the most out of this year’s crops, it’s important to look back at last year to figure out what issues affected final yields. Justesen describes 2021 in one word.

“It’s another year another lesson in unpredictability, and when you start thinking about those things and those sorts of unpredictability, I always go back to what can I do to start that crops life off as best I can, and I think of products like TEPERA PLUS. One of the key components of TEPERA PLUS HD, and this been its first full year, is we did change the ratio. We have the same rate of flouxastrobin as a fungicide, but we added 40 percent to the Bifenthrin and, in doing that when we’re in formulation, we’re also able to take 40 percent out of the use rate. These two things make it an even better product to handle, and rest assured that we change nothing and it’s compatibility and stability within liquid fertilizer. It’s still best in class.”

He says an in-furrow fungicide and insecticide like TEPERA PLUS HD is a great way to protect more plants per acres and shield those crops from pests and disease. UPL upgraded TEPERA PLUS HD with a higher rate of bifenthrin due to more pockets of rootworm pressure in farm fields.

“The beauty of the TEPERA PLUS is we saw areas that had higher levels, that we could help them in their current system, and make it more well-rounded and protect that crop even longer for them. I think the other thing is that there’s nothing else out there that has something like the Flouxastrobin that’s in TEPERA PLUS, so that if we do get some sort of an injury in that plant, that it also has the best disease protection available in soil as well in order to protect that plant from not only past like corn rootworm but from soil borne diseases.”

Justesen talks about what growers can do to prevent disease throughout the year.

“I think as you’re trying to think of ways to prevent disease, prevention is the best measure. Once you see something, we can oftentimes correct it, but you may have already lost more than you already know. Starting with something like a TEPERA PLUS HD, that gives you a very robust fungicide and insecticide in furrow in both corn and soybeans is a great way to start a year off and start you down that path for a complete year and as healthy a plant as you can manage for all season long.”