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Commissioner Steve Troxler: Fair Season is Here!

North Carolina has a rich history of holding agricultural fairs. The fair season is in full season, with these annual events continuing through November.

  • Anyone who has been listening to this broadcast for a while knows I love fair season.
  • Agricultural fairs are a fall tradition in North Carolina, representing a time when communities gather together to celebrate what makes them unique and special.
  • As their name implies, agricultural fairs highlight the state’s leading $91.8 billion industry, drawing attention to the farmers and agribusinesses that produce food, fiber and fuel for the world.
  • The department hosts the N.C. State Fair in Raleigh (Oct. 17-27) and the N.C. Mountain State Fair in Fletcher (Sept. 6-15), but communities across the state celebrate their own agricultural heritage with annual events, too.
  • In fact, we are in the prime of agricultural fair season right now. From now through Nov. 10, there are 27 agricultural fairs that will be held across the state.
  • The closest one is the Hickory American Legion Fair that runs tomorrow, Aug. 28, through Sept. 2.
  • The last one is the Cape Fear Fair & Expo that runs Nov. 1-10.
  • It is important that we celebrate and showcase agriculture in our communities because nowadays people are several generations removed from the farm.
  • Agricultural fairs give kids the opportunity to work with and show a farm animal. You also see incredible arts and crafts creations and blue-ribbon winning canned and baked goods.
  • County agricultural fairs celebrate local traditions, highlight the talent in the area and help promote our state’s No. 1 industry.
  • If you have never been to an agricultural fair, make this the year to check one out.