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346 bu/a Takes Top Spot in South Carolina in National Corn Yield Contest

346 bu/a Takes Top Spot in South Carolina in National Corn Yield Contest

William Thomas of Cades took the top spot in the National Corn Growers National Yield Contest with 323.36 bu/a in the A-non-irrigated category, and John Gause of Scranton took second place with 318.67.  In the AA non-irrigated category Dan Gause of Scranton took first with 346.05 bu/a, Daniel Gause also of Scranton took second with 345.27, and Cliff Barron took third with 284.75 bu/a.  In the no-till, strip-till, irrigated category Daniel Garrick of Cope took the top spot, and third place with 293.4 bu/a and 275.08 respectively, and Tate Jameson of Orangeburg took second with 286.84 bu/a.

And in the irrigated category Ray Jameson of Orangeburg took first place with 289.28 bu/a, C Backman of Norway took second with 258.41, and and Sam Weathers of St. George took third with 218.44 bu/a.  Tomorrow we’ll announce the national winners in all categories.

National Corn Growers Releases Yield Contest Winners

National Corn Growers Association recently released the 2016 yield contest winners by state, and nationally.  Billy Mercer of Elizabeth City took the top spot In the A:non-irrigated category with 260.7 bu/a, Delbert Armstrong of Pantego placed second with 256.68, and Tyler Sholar of Wallace placed third with 255.33 bu/a.  In the AA-non-irrigated class, Ed Wood and Keith Wood of Andrews took first and second place, respectively with 282.62, and 274.99 bu/a, and Dennis Boerema of Pantego placed third with 272.44.

In the no-till, strip-till irrigated category Felton Outland of Sunbury took the top spot with 277.11 bu/a, Larry Naylor of Clinton placed second with 249.56, and Danielle Mathews of East Ben placed third with 238.61 bu/a.  In the irrigated category, Kevin Matthews of East Bend took the top spot with 304.87 bu/a, Luther More of Maxton took second with 271.72, and Harbert Moore of Red Springs took third with 267.24 bu/a.

Budget Patch Averts Ag Lending Crisis

All available ag lending money the government had was given out to farmers during the last fiscal year to help them through the worst economic downturn in decades. An Associated Press article says, despite that, no one who qualifies for a farm loan will be turned down over the next four months, thanks in part to an unusual item recently passed by Congress. The budget patch gives USDA the wherewithal to meet an expanding demand for farm loans by using future funding. USDA lending has no limit between now and April 28, which is a victory for farm groups who had been urging Washington to head off a potential ag lending crisis.'

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