27th Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo in Myrtle Beach Coming Up

“Planting the Seeds of Success” is the theme for The 27th Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo November 27-28 in Myrtle Beach. The two day event will take place at the Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation.

The expo will offer participants a variety of sessions relevant for both small and large producers. Topics include post-harvest handling, marketing and local foods, enhancing vegetable production, soil and plant analysis, and conservation of irrigation water. Some of the courses will be approved for Continuing Education Credits. An expanded regional trade show will also take place during the expo.

The expo is sponsored by the SC Fruit, Vegetable & Specialty Crop Association, South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA), NC Vegetable Growers Association, Clemson University, North Carolina State University, and NCDA & Consumer Services.

To register online, visit http://www.agriculture.sc.gov and click on 27th Southeast Vegetable and Fruit Expo under Hot Topics.

Morehead City & Wilmington Ports Approved for Expansion

The board of the North Carolina State Ports Authority is moving ahead with plans for wood-pellet handling facilities at both Wilmington and Morehead City. The StarNews of Wilmington reports the board approved spending up to $5 million for the design of the Morehead City expansion. The two projects together could cost up to $120 million, making them the most expensive expansion projects in the history of the ports.

The authority can borrow the $5 million but is hoping the state-owned North Carolina Railroad Company will provide the money. But last month the Railroad Company board voted against giving the Ports Authority $70 million over a decade to secure financing for the projects.

EPA Refuses to Waive RFS

On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued its ruling on the request to waive the Renewable Fuels Standard denying the request made by several state governors and livestock organizations. The request was for a one year waiver to assist the livestock industry with high feed prices due to the Midwestern drought this past summer. While the denial came as no surprise, and was considered a long shot under the best of circumstances, livestock groups and organizations were disappointed. North Carolina’s governor Beverly Perdue signed the request to the EPA along with six other governors whos state economies are heavily invested in the livestock industry. How do you feel about the RFS? Let us know what you think by answering our poll question at the bottom of the homepage.

Haven’t Seen the Last of GMO Labeling Efforts

The defeat of Proposition 37 in California, which would have required labels for foods containing genetically modified organisms , was welcomed by farmers around the country who see the benefits of biotechnology. Many in agriculture viewed Proposition 37 as a burdensome regulation that would have led to higher food costs and no real food safety benefits. But proponents of the proposition aren’t backing down. Several of the groups behind Prop 37 have now created a website to help consumers figure out if they are eating genetically modified products. The site is www dot GMOinside dot org (www.GMOinside.org). Green America CEO Alisa Gravitz says the GMO Inside campaign will make it possible for all Americans to determine which food products contain GMOs and make a switch to non-GMO foods instead.


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