2012 A Good Production Year for NC Ag

North Carolina's Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler discusses the numbers released last week with North Carolina's final ag production numbers from 2012.

“It was a really good crop year in NC. Looking back at the tornados and the drought we really needed a good year. We set several new records for crops. What made this one different is that we had good yields and good prices, you don’t normally get both in the same year.

Most of the time if you have good prices that means somebody else had a disaster. But it always seemed to me as a farmer that the prices were good when I didn’t have anything to sell.

Peanut yields were amazing, we had yields of 4100 pounds per acre and that is a new record. Total production was nearly 435 million pounds, a 49% increase over 2011.

Soybeans also set a record this year. It came in at 39 bushels per acre and total production of almost 62 million bushels, also a record.

We had a record 993 pounds of cotton per acre, that is up 61% from 2011. We had a production of 1.2 million bales, a 17% increase from 2011.

In sweet potatoes, we matched the record of 200 weight per acre, that was a record set in 2011. Total production was down 3% to 12.8 million hundred weight. That’s due to less acres being planted in 2012.

Corn and tobacco also made nice showings in 2012. They didn’t set records but they rebounded from a really bad 2011. The corn yield was 117 bushels per acre and total production was 96 million bushels, a 40% increase from 2011. Flue cured tobacco yield was 2300 pounds per acre, which is a good yield and total production was 377 million pounds, up 52%.

The apple crop suffered a lot due to a late freeze and it did wipe out some farmers entire crop, USDA’s official numbers will be released later but we expect them to be lower than 2011.”

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