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2011-2012 NC Wheat Yield Contest Winners Announced at the Joint Commodities Conference

The 2011-2012 wheat season was one of the most unusual ones we have had in North Carolina. The fall and winter were extremely warm, pushing most wheat fields to tiller out to very high level. Sby this time last year, many growers were worrying about having too many tillers. In fact, some producers in the coastal plains had to mow their crop to hold it back and prevent lodging. The warm winter also resulted in some of the highest disease levels seen in recent years, resulting in leaf rust epidemics in many parts of the state. While disease levels were high, the mild winter and high tillering still resulted in an excellent harvest, and some great entries in the yield contest.

The 1st place state wide winner is Allen Weeks from Pasquotank County. Allen planted Dyna-Gro Shirley right on time in early November. What is unusual for a yield contest winner, is that Allen broadcast planting using 200 pounds of untreated seed per acre. His winning entry was for 119.4 bushels per acre. Al Wood is his extension agent.

The 2nd place state wide winner is Poole Farms from Beaufort County. They planted Southern States 520 in mid-November at 130 pounds of Raxil treated seed per acre and made 117.6 bushels per acre. Their extension agent is Jacob Searcy.

The 3rd place state wide winner is Scattered Acres, Inc., also from Beaufort County. They planted on the late side on December 5th, and this was a no-till planting. They used Southern States 8404, with Proceed seed treatment planted at 135 pounds per acre. Additionally, to help with tillering in this late planted crop, they split their spring Nitrogen into two 60 pound applications and produced 115.4 bushels per acre. Their extension agent is Jacob Searcy.

The 1st place Piedmont winner with 100 bushels per acre is McLain Farms in Iredell County. They no-till planted Dyna-Gro Shirley at 90 pounds per acre of seed treated with GauchoXT. Their extension agent is Nancy Keith.

The 2nd place Piedmont winner is Gene Alexander from Stanly County. Gene broadcast planted Pioneer 26R22 at 160 pounds of seed per acre using Cruiser-Dividend seed treatment. His award winning yield was 96.9 bushels per acre. His extension agent was Richard Goforth.

The 3rd place Piedmont winner is A.L. Baucom Inc., from Union County who also broadcast planted. He used GauchoXT treated Dyna-Gro Shirley at 120 pounds of seed per acre and made a yield of 93.4 bushels per acre. His extension agent was Richard Melton.

The 1st place Coastal Plain winner with 107.5 bushels per acre is Aycock Brothers from Wilson County. Their winning entry used Southern States 520 planted on the late side, but with a high seeding rate of 160 pounds of seed per acre. Their extension agent is Norman Harrell.

The 2nd place Coastal Plain winner is Ralph Britt Jr. He planted Dyna-Gro Shirley treated with Awakened and Foothold to produce 107.1 bushels per acre. His extension agent is Curtis Fountain.

The 3rd place Coastal Plain winner is Moses Farmer. Moses also planted on the late side but used a high seeding rate of 1.5 million seeds per acre. He planted USG 3120 without seed treatment and split his Nitrogen application to increase his tillering. His winning yield was 104.8 bushels per acre, and his extension agent is Brian Parrish.

The following are the 2012 Wheat Yield Contest 100 Bushel Club Members:

Allen Weeks, 119.4
Poole Farms, 117.6
Scattered Acres Inc., 115.4
S. R. Poole, 114.6
Dawson Pugh, 111.1
H. A. Respass Farm, LLC, 109.2
Aycock Brothers, 107.5
Ralph Britt, Jr., 107.1
Jeff Williams, 106.9
Steve Harris, 106.2
Ryan Garrett, 105.9
John Morgan, 105.0
Moses Farmer, 104.8
Boerema Farms, 104.8
Barco Brothers Inc., 104.1
K and J Farms, LLC, 101.2
Jarman and Jay Sullivan 100.6
E. H. Dickson Farms, 100.4
Boyette and Boyette Farms, 100.2
McLain Farms, 100.0

The following three County Extension Agents are giving Recognition Awards for having district and state winners: Nancy Keith, Norman Harrell and Al Wood. is dedicated to serving the agricultural industry in the Carolinas and Virginia with the latest ag news, exclusive regional weather station readings, and key crop market information. The website is a companion of the Southern Farm Network, provider of daily agricultural radio programming to the Carolinas since 1974. presents radio programs, interviews and news relevant to crop and livestock production and research throughout the mid-Atlantic agricultural community.