WSSA Issues Statement Regarding Glyphosate Registration Process

The Weed Science Society of America has released a statement supporting a science-based approach to evaluating glyphosate by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA is currently conducting a review of glyphosate as part of its standard, periodic reassessment of herbicides to ensure they can still be used safely. In April 2019, the organization issued an interim registration decision reiterating that glyphosate is not likely a carcinogen and that risks to public health are low when its used by following its current label.

The EPA’s position has been echoed by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency, the European Food Safety Authority and other major regulatory organizations around the globe.

WSSA President Larry Steckel said, “We appreciate the rigorous review process undertaken by the EPA and other regulatory bodies. The reviews have consistently concluded glyphosate herbicides are unlikely to pose significant health risks when used as directed.”