USDA Forecasts Increased Yields for North Carolina Corn, Peanuts and Cotton

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released its crop production report today from the September Agricultural Yield Survey conducted at the beginning of the month.

“The Sept. 1 crop production report forecasts indicate an increase in corn, peanut and cotton yields,” said Dee Webb, North Carolina state statistician. “Soybean yield is expected to decrease slightly to 35 bushels per acre, yet remain above the 2015 yield. Rain from the recent tropical storm Hermine brought some much-needed relief to the eastern part of North Carolina with limited amounts of damage.”


Corn for grain

  • Yield is forecast at 138 bushels per acre, up 8 bushels from last month’s forecast of 130 bushels per acre.
  • Production is forecast to total 129.7 million bushels, up 57% from the 82.5 million bushels produced last year.
  • Harvested acres are forecast at 940,000, up from the 730,000 acres harvested in 2015.


  • Yield is forecast at 960 pounds per acre, up 17 pounds from the August forecast of 943 pounds per acre.
  • Production is forecast at 550,000 bales, up 4% from last year’s production of 527,000 bales.
  • Harvested acres are expected to total 275,000 acres compared with 355,000 acres harvested in 2015.



  • Yield per acre is forecast at 3,900 pounds, up 100 pounds per acre from last month’s forecast of 3,800.
  • Production is forecast at 394 million pounds, up 32% from last year’s production of 299 million pounds.
  • Harvested acres are projected at 101,000 acres, up 13,000 acres from 2015.


  • Yield is forecast to average 35 bushels per acre, up 1 bushel from the August 1 forecast.
  • Production is forecast to total 56 million bushels, down 2% from last year’s production of 57 million bushels.
  • Harvested acres are projected