USDA ERS Employees Vote to Unionize

Employees within The Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service overwhelmingly voted to unionize Thursday afternoon in an efforts to slow down or stop a plan to move the agency out of the Washington, DC area.

By a vote of 138-4, the ERS employees elected to be represented by the American Federation of Government Employees, according to the Hagstrom report.

USDA, under the direction of the Trump Administration, has proposed to move the Economic Research Service, along with the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, out of the Washington, DC area. USDA says the moves will cut costs, improve employee quality of life and bring the agencies closer to stakeholders. Critics say the move will trigger the loss of valuable staff members and isolate the agencies from the Washington, DC community and its resources.

Earlier this week, USDA announced the final three potential sites for the move: Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, the Kansas City metro area, Indiana’s Purdue University.

Employees of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture are scheduled to vote on unionizing next month.