USDA Career Opportunities Available

The Department of Agriculture has many career opportunities available in the Farm Production and Conservation mission area. Bill Northey, USDA Under Secretary for Farm and Conservation, says many of the available positions offer one-on-one work with farmers and ranchers.

Certainly, excited to be able to share we are hiring folks in my mission area. Our folks work directly with farmers and ranchers. They provide help to farmers by helping them manage their risks, get access to loans, certainly recover from natural disasters and supporting farmers in their managing of natural resources. And, they get to work generally one on one with producers. So, we’re looking for folks from all different types of backgrounds that are looking to help farmers out there. We’re really proud of what we do and looking for folks who want to make a difference in our communities across the country.”

Many of the jobs are in farm country, not in Washington, D.C.

“USDA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., but these jobs are across the country. We have over 3,000 offices. Many of the folks that will hear this message are very familiar with those USDA Service Centers across the country and they may or may not personally be interested in applying for these jobs. But, we encourage them to encourage others that they’d like to work with.”

The Farm Production and Conservation mission area includes the Farm Service Agency, Risk Management Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Northey says there is a variety of careers available.

“We have lots of different careers, really almost something for everyone. We have a list of over 15 positions that are available that we are hiring for right now on our webpage. So, we’re looking for folks who want to work with farmers and ranchers. They may have accounting experience, they may have experience in scientific fields like biology, physical earth science, certainly all parts of conservation as well, whether it’s soil health or air quality. So, lots of different opportunities for lots of different folks.”

More information, including open positions, is available on the Farm Production and Conservation careers webpage.

“The best place is go right to our careers website They can find the benefits of working with the federal government. Folks are aware that have benefits like insurance options, vacation, sick leave, retirement benefits. But, of course the most important benefit is the opportunity to be able to make a difference locally and to work directly with the great farmers and ranchers across the country.”