U.S., Mexico, Agree to New Tomato Suspension Agreement

The Department of Commerce says Mexico and the U.S. have a preliminary agreement in place to suspend the ongoing anti-dumping investigation of fresh tomatoes from Mexico.

The draft includes a brand-new inspection mechanism to prevent the importation of low-quality, poor-condition tomatoes from Mexico. The draft agreement also allows the Commerce Department to audit up to 80 Mexican tomato producers per quarter.

The statute requires a 30-day notice and comment period. United Fresh says the draft agreement “will be beneficial for the entire distribution chain, most importantly growers and consumers.”

For years, the U.S. has disputed the roughly $2 billion worth of tomatoes that are imported from Mexico annually. The disputes led the Commerce Department to terminate an earlier suspension agreement. The U.S. also continued an investigation that could have led to duties of 25 percent for most Mexican tomato producers.