Two-week Turnaround on NCDA Soil Samples


The soil testing division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Agronomics Division reports that submission of soil samples is increasing as harvest progresses, and as of Friday, turnaround time is about two weeks.  For those that like using the expedited shipping containers, again, as of Friday there were only 12 left for the season.  The cost is $200 for 36 samples, with results in five to seven days.  If not used this year, they can be used in years to come.  Soil samples will continue to be analyzed at no cost until around Thanksgiving.

Clemson Working on an Alfalfa/Bermudagrass Combination

South Carolina could soon see a return of the “Queen of Forages” to supplement the “King of Forages,” bermudagrass.

The “queen” is alfalfa and Clemson researchers are working with South Carolina livestock producers to determine how to effectively incorporate alfalfa into forage crops, such as bermudagrass. They are working on a project that involves growing alfalfa in combination with existing stands of bermudagrass to increase forage quality, as well as grow a supplemental feed and/or cash crop.

Brazil Almost Out of Soybeans for Exporting

As is usually the case, Brazil produced a large soybean crop this year. The country has been exporting a lot of soybeans but has reached the point at which they don’t have many soybeans left to ship. A new report says that Brazil hit a new soybean export record in September, when they shipped 4.3 million tons. A spokeswoman from AgRural Commodities in Brazil says that could mean China will come knocking on America’s door for more soybean purchases. However, Brazil still has a lot of corn to market yet. A corn glut has been weighing on prices for years, with farmers in both Brazil and America feeling the strain. A new ethanol plant running in Mato Grosso, Brazil, is just ramping up its production and trying to help Brazil get through a lot of that excess corn in storage.

NAFTA Talks to Return to Washington, D.C.

The North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation effort will return to Washington, D.C. this month for the fourth round of official talks, set to resume October 11th through the 15th, following a round of talks in Canada last month. Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland said progress was made in the most recent meetings “on a number of bread-and-butter trade issues.” Meanwhile, the U.S. has yet to introduce a proposal to increase protections for seasonal and perishable produce.

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