Turkey Leader Doughty Dies at 66

Former Butterball CEO and National Turkey Federation (NTF) immediate past president Kerry Doughty died Tuesday in Raleigh, NC after a battle with Cancer. Doughty was 66.

Former Butterball CEO Kerry Doughty (photo credit: provisioneronline.com)

Doughty spent most of his professional life in the food industry. Meatingplace reports Doughty joined Butterball as executive vice president of sales, marketing and research and development in 2007 and moved to the Raleigh, N.C., area. Doughty was promoted to president and CEO of Butterball in 2014.

He held numerous board positions and most recently, as 2019 chairman of the NTF, presented the National Thanksgiving Turkey to the President and First Lady during the pardoning ceremony at the White House. At the completion of his term, Doughty was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the NTF at its convention in Nashville on Feb. 15, 2020.