Trump Tells Trade Team to Look into Rejoining TPP

Donald Trump

During a meeting with farm-state lawmakers, President Donald Trump said he has directed his trade team to look into rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Meeting with Senators and other leaders from the Midwest, President Trump heard of the troubles his trade policy is posing to agriculture, and the benefits of TPP to farmers and ranchers.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who attended the meeting, says rejoining TPP is the “best thing” the U.S. can do to “push back” against China. Covering all products grown in the United States, TPP was estimated to add $4.4 billion to cash receipts for farmers and ranchers.

In referring to the trade dispute with China and the proposed tariffs, farm groups say they would rather trade than take subsidies in order to be profitable. In the even tof a trade war, President Trump has promised to support farmers, which many speculate would come from the Commodity Credit Corporation.