Trump “Not Happy” With EPA Chief Pruitt

On the surface, President Trump says Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt has done a fantastic job of running the agency. However, Trump tells Bloomberg that he’s “not happy” with some of Pruitt’s actions as ethics allegations continue to threaten the EPA chief’s tenure. “I’m looking at Scott and he’s done a fantastic job,” Trump says to reporters on Friday, “but I’m not happy about certain things. I’ll be honest.”

Pruitt is under fire for several ethics questions, including having EPA employees run personal errands for him, as well as helping his wife secure a job. Bloomberg says Pruitt has been under scrutiny for months over a series of questionable decisions, which includes an arrangement to rent a condo on Capitol Hill from a lobbyist, as well as taxpayer-funded travel to his home state of Oklahoma.

The latest revelations surrounding Pruitt has drawn sharp condemnation from some of his conservative allies. Pruitt enlisted aides to help his wife, Marilyn, find employment, including contacting the Chick-Fil-A CEO about possibly acquiring a franchise.