Trump: No Deadline for Final China Trade Deal

President Donald Trump said he has no deadline for finalizing a complete trade deal with China.

In a flurry of meetings with reporters Tuesday in London, Trump said China and the U.S. are still working to reach a phase one agreement, with an unofficial deadline of December 15, but an overall agreement may extend beyond the 2020 elections.

Trump told reporters, “In some ways, I think it’s better to wait until after the election…the China trade deal is dependent on one thing: Do I want to make it?”

Trump claimed he is doing “very well” in the talks with China. The president also pointed out the $28 billion in trade aid given to U.S. farmers, with “many billions” left over, adding about the funds, “that got them whole.”

China wants Trump to remove tariffs in reaching a phase one agreement that also includes $40-$50 billion in purchases of U.S. agricultural products over two years.