Trade Group Seeks Accountability in Trade Deals

Farmers for Free Trade, a trade lobby organization, says it wants to see further details regarding both the China agreement and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

“There is a healthy skepticism about whether American farmers will actually see these purchases,” said Farmers for Free Trade Co-Executive Director Brian Kuehl. “That skepticism is only compounded when we’re told we won’t see the full text of the deal.”

FFT has aksed whether the $40 billion in ag purchases commitment is contingent on any actions by the U.S. and for details on how China will meet the commitment if it’s been made.

The China agreement includes $40 billion of increased purchases of U.S. agriculture products, according to the Trump administration.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He was reported to be in last-minute talks with the U.S. ahead of Wednesday’s signing ceremony. A potential phase two agreement is expected to tackle more sensitive issues between the U.S. and China.