Time to Vaccinate Equine for EEE and West Nile

Mosquito season is in full swing in North Carolina and it’s time to vaccinate horses for mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis.  EEE and West Nile vaccinations initially require two shots, three to four weeks apart for equine that have no previous vaccination history.  Vigilance in removing standing water and other mosquito breeding grounds on the property is also beneficial.  Contact your local veterinarian for more information.

Additional Weather Observers Wanted in Rural South Carolina

The National Weather Service in South Carolina is looking for additional weather observers to collect rainfall data for the Community Collaborative Rain, hail and Snow Network, also known as cocorahs.  One of the many uses of this data is drought forecasting, and rural participants are especially valuable.  For more information go to cocorahs dot org.

Champions for Ag Propose Legislation to Ditch the Rule

S-2496 introduced by Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming has 29 co-sponsors. American Farm Bureau chief lobbyist Dale Moore says these co-sponsors represent a Who’s Who of leaders on the Republican side of the Senate.  While the proposed legislation is a big step forward – Moore still encourages farmers and ranchers to contact their elected officials to Ditch the Rule…

Combat Veterans Fight Feral Hog Population

Feral hogs are responsible for extensive damage to agriculture across the country each year. Now – one organization has come up with a solution that uses the skills of wounded warriors. Operation Dust-off is employing combat vets to become sharp shooters and help exterminate feral hogs from the air. Non-profit co-founder Jamie Gregg says they’re bridging the gap between the civilian world and military life.

She says it’s the perfect pairing because vets already have the specific skills needed.

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