The Johnston County Fall Fruit and Nut Tree Sale Underway


The Johnston County Fall Fruit and Nut Tree Sale is underway and will continue through Nov. 30, 2017 at the Johnston County Agriculture Center in Smithfield, NC.  You can purchase a variety of blueberries, muscadines, fruit trees and pecan trees at economical prices. New NCSU peach varieties grown on nematode resistant rootstock available, and apples grown on semi-dwarf rootstock.   Educational handout materials provided to help you with growing and maintaining your edible trees.

Proceeds from the sale will support the efforts of the Johnston County Extension Advisory Council.

NAFTA Not Moving Quick Enough

House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway echoed comments made last week by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, saying the negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement are not moving fast enough. Conaway stated: “Perdue hit the nail on the head when he said we need to stop circling the ring in NAFTA negotiations and begin laying out concrete agriculture proposals.” He made those comments ahead of a weekend trip to Canada to engage on agriculture issues in advance of the next round of NAFTA negotiations happening this week.

Mann Packing Removing Non-GMO Label

Mann Packing will remove the “non-GMO” label term from select products because the company says it “doesn’t want to perpetuate a fear that something is wrong with GMOs.” PRWeek reported the company is turning an about-face, after getting some products verified under the Non-GMO Project. The company is removing the non-GMO verified check from its single-cut lettuce products in its next print run, according to the company’s director of corporate marketing. A company spokesperson said: “There is no GMO lettuce,” adding “It made us go: Why are we doing this?”

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