The Fresh Start Wellness Challenge is Underway

Is one of your goals to get more active and have a better wellness plan in 2021? What if that journey included free groceries for a year? The National Pork Board is kicking off their Fresh Start Wellness challenge this week.

Kara Behlke, Director of Nutrition and Dietetics, with the National Pork Board, says this challenge builds on the enthusiasm for the new year and better health for all.

“And we’re doing that with a wellness challenge that is focused on holistic health. So, this is something that’s new and the National Pork Board, we are reinvigorating our approach to health and well being, because we think it’s a competitive strategy to help build demand. But that requires us to engage consumers in a new way if we truly want to change consumers health perceptions of pork. So, that’s what we’re doing is we’re launching the Fresh Start Wellness Challenge.”

According to Behlke, the Pork Checkoff’s Fresh Start Wellness Challenge is designed to encourage consumers to learn more about the health aspects of including pork in their wellness plan.

“So, first of all we want to start showing up different and being part of the health and wellness conversation. Secondly, we know it’s been a long year, so, to kick off the new year we wanted to engage consumers producers staff stakeholders in a really meaningful way, because I think this year proved that nothing is more important than our health. So, that’s why we thought the wellness challenge was a great idea, and we thought it’d be a lot of fun and it help lead the connections throughout the industry.”

Behlke is excited about helping people meet their long-term wellness goals through the challenge. She calls it a fun and engaging way to get active with your family.

“But what it’s really about is whether you want to join the challenge to get more active, have fun with your friends, create new habits, beat the winter blah’s, or just learn something new. That’s what we’ve developed the wellness challenge for, so we can bring people together, we’ll be sharing our best tips will be sharing tricks inspiration and strategies.”

Behlke says the easiest way to participate in the Pork Checkoff’s Fresh Start Wellness Challenge, which runs through February 7, is by signing up on the National Pork Board’s Facebook page, using your smartphone.