The Economic Perspective: “The Best Job Market for Graduates?”

I’m Mary Walden, with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic perspective.   Today’s program asks if today is the best job market for graduates. Mike, jobs are being added at the fastest pace in years, and the unemployment rate is at an almost 50 year low.  Will high school and college graduates have their pick of jobs?

  1. Certainly, are in a good position
  2. Many companies just want capable workers, and will then train them
  3. Still, want to display good worker traits
  4. For college grads, may have to consider jobs outside their field
  5. Always look at salary, but also benefits and chances for advancement
  6. Still, be aware the labor market is in a state of change – technology and robots
  7. Grads today likely will make numerous job moves – maybe even career moves
  8. I’m MW

Mary:  And I’m Mary Walden for the Economic Perspective, an NC State Extension program from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.