The Economic Perspective: “Hiring College Graduates”

Mary: I’m Mary Walden, with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic
perspective. Today’s program looks at hiring college graduates. Mike, this has been a
challenging year for college students. Even in the best of times, not all college graduates
are able to secure a job in their field, or even to obtain a job at all. What are some steps
both students and colleges can use to improve the success rate of graduates?
Mike: Summary Answer
a. Since the start of the pandemic, hiring for entry jobs using college grads has
dropped 45%
b. Studies show if college grads first accept jobs that really don’t require a
college degree, hard for them to recover
c. But there are things both students and colleges can do to increase the odds
d. First, graduate with the skills most businesses want – data analysis,
communication, and problem-solving skills
e. Students should try to have these skills, regardless of their major
f. Colleges can help by recognizing how the job market works
g. For example, in English and writing classes, add training in technical writing
h. Last – have a back-up plan
i. I’m MW